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Artur Davis

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Obama Re-elected -- 9-Year-Old Black Kid Can Breathe Easy - Larry Elder

Brandon, a 9-year-old black kid, attended a campaign rally hosted by Michelle Obama. A cameraman interviewed Brandon, who was there with his dad. "Why does (Obama) need to win?" he was...

Romney Camp Tempers GOP's Post-Debate Revelry - Scott Conroy

DENVER -- Shortly after taking the stage at the CPAC Colorado conference on Thursday, former Congressman Artur Davis channeled the joyous mood of the conservative activists who had gathered...

Will Artur Davis Be Harbinger of a Bigger Shift? - Reihan Salam, Reuters

TAMPA, Florida - If you've been watching the Republican National Convention at home, you probably missed the speech former Representative Artur Davis of Alabama gave on Tuesday night....

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