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June 08, 2009

Senate race updates

In Illinois, Lynn Sweet reports that Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowsky will not run for Senate. Schakowsky noted the fundraising demands--she figured it would take $26 million between the primary and general--and also mentioned her desire to take advantage of "this moment in history" to work on health care and energy legislation.

Schakowsky told Sweet her polling showed she had a "strong chance" of winning a Senate race, though I suspect she might have had a tough time winning Downstate.

In other Illinois news, GOP Rep. Mark Kirk , probably the party's best hope pf picking up that seat if he runs, announced he and his wife are divorcing after 8 years. Not exactly the kind of thing a potential candidate wants to make headlines for, but it pales compared to some of the other marital woes that have afflicted Illinois pols in recent years.

In Florida, former GOP Sen. Bob Smith says he running for Senate--he's the former New Hampshire senator who John Sununu knocked off in 2002. Obviously he's a longshot, but as a onetime high-profile conservative who is appealing to the Tea Party constituency, he stands to draw more votes from former state House Speaker Marco Rubio in the GOP primary than from Gov. Charlie Crist.