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May 29, 2009

Madigan's focus

Washington Democrats have encouraged Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to run for the Senate, but she appears to have her eyes set on another statewide campaign – either for governor or to run for another term as Attorney General.

Indeed, she has four million reasons to pursue a statewide campaign – she’s sitting on over $4 million in campaign cash, which can’t be transferred into a federal campaign account. She’d have to start from scratch in fundraising for a Senate race.

And if her recent fundraising is any clue, she’s still focused on adding to her statewide bankroll. Her state campaign committee Latinos for Lisa is holding a fundraiser for next month.

“Lisa has also been rumored as a viable candidate for both the Governor's office and the Senate,” the fundraising invitation reads. “Regardless of her future public office, she deserves recognition for the exemplary job she has done as Illinois Attorney General.”

Already several prominent Democrats have been preparing to run for the Illinois Senate seat. Illinois Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias has raised $1.1 million for his own Senate exploratory committee, and businessman (and RFK son) Chris Kennedy is expected to soon announce that he’s in as well.