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May 08, 2009

A comeback for J.C. Watts?

Former Republican congressman J.C. Watts, one of the GOP's most prominent figures when he served in the House, has lately been lobbying for college football's much-maligned Bowl Championship Series.

But he also is mulling over a gubernatorial campaign, and told the Tulsa World that he will decide whether to make a political comeback by Memorial Day:

"I would like to do it," the former congressman said, adding that he is not leaning one way or the other. Watts, a Republican and former member of the Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner, was at the Capitol to meet with lawmakers who are working to craft a state budget.

He said he confident he can raise enough money to be successful if he decides to make the governor's race.

"I will raise whatever needs to be raised," Watts said. "You don't take on something like this unless you know you will have the resources to do it."