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February 18, 2009

Talking tough on Burris

Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley, one of the frontrunners to succeed Rahm Emanuel in Congress, is calling on Sen. Roland Burris to resign – and demanded a special election be held to choose a successor.

“Roland Burris’ failure to be honest and upfront with the people of Illinois should disqualify him from service in the United States Senate,” Quigley said. “He should resign immediately.”

It’s a sharp tactical move for Quigley to get in front of the looming Burris scandal, in a race where the leading candidates have been competing to brand themselves as reformists

And it’s a particularly noteworthy move, given that one of his leading rivals – state Rep. John Fritchey – has been taking flak for coming to Burris’ defense when the senator testified at the state House impeachment hearing last month.