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February 27, 2009

Feigenholtz goes negative

In the special election primary to succeed Rahm Emanuel, state Rep. Sara Feigenholtz has been the strongest fundraiser in the Democratic field, raising over $650,000 for the campaign.

And she’s wrapping up her campaign by airing an expensive attack advertisement that questions Cook County Commissioner Mike Quigley’s credentials as a reformist candidate.

The ad is airing on broadcast television in Chicago and is described as a “significant buy” according to her campaign. It’s the first negative television ad from any candidate so far in the campaign; many of the 12 Democratic candidates can’t even afford to go up on television.

The late attack ad suggests that Feigenholtz views Quigley as her biggest rival in next week’s Democratic primary. Both candidates are competing for the same constituency in the affluent part of the district near the lakefront.

The ad accuses Quigley of supporting unpopular Cook County President Todd Stroger, even though he has touted his record of opposing Stroger's initiatives in county government. It then highlights her work expanding health care for children.

“In the race for Congress, who’ll deliver for us? Mike Quigley? He talks a good game, but he endorsed Todd Stroger,” the ad says. “And Quigley voted for Stroger’s budget, cutting nurses and hospital workers to keep Stroger friends on the payroll.”

The special election primary will be held next Tuesday. 

UPDATE: The Feigenholtz campaign is arguing that this ad by state Rep. John Fritchey, featuring two children (representing Feigenholtz and Quigley arguing with each other) was the first negative TV ad in the campaign.