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January 09, 2009

Hispanics in California avoid divided primary

Here’s a post-script to David Mark’s story that a growing field of Hispanic candidates vying for Hilda Solis’ House seat could lead to an Asian-American Democrat getting elected:

Sen. Gloria Romero has dropped out of the running to replace Rep. Hilda Solis in Congress, the Los Angeles Democrat announced late Thursday, throwing her support to fellow Latino candidate Sen. Gil Cedillo.

"I would have been a formidable and winning candidate and a champion for the people in the next Congress," Romero said in a statement. But "I have evaluated the wonderful opportunities before me and have chosen to listen to my heart."

Romero said she will run, as previously expected, for the post of state superintendent of public instruction in 2010....

The jockeying for Solis' seat began after she was tapped by President-elect Barack Obama to be his first labor secretary. Solis still remains a member of Congress and the field of candidates to replace her remains fluid.

Romero threw her support behind Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, on Thursday.

Southern California is familiar with Democratic primaries dividing along racial lines. In 2007, Rep. Laura Richardson (D-Calif.) narrowly defeated Jenny Oropeza in a race that pitted African-American activists against the leadership from the district’s fast-growing Hispanic community.