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December 12, 2008

Rendell: Matthews is the 'strongest Democratic candidate'

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell gave Chris Matthews a glowing endorsement for his potential Senate candidacy today, calling the MSNBC host the “strongest Democratic candidate without any doubt”  in an interview on Bloomberg TV.

Rendell added that he doesn’t “really know” if Matthews has made a decision to run yet. And he cautioned that Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) would be a formidable opponent because of his strong ties to independents and moderate Democrats.

Rendell's longtime political consultant, Neil Oxman, has been talking with Matthews about running for Specter's seat and is encouraging him to jump in the race.

His comments come in light of a new poll, conducted by Research 2000, that shows Matthews leading in a Democratic primary field, and would be just one point behind Specter if an election was held today.

The interview will air on Bloomberg TV’s show “Night Talk” this weekend.

The full excerpts from the Rendell interview are below the jump:

On Chris Matthews' possible Pennsylvania Senate run.

"I don't really know if he has made up his own decision.....he would be the strongest Democratic candidate without any doubt because he is so well known, because of his ability to raise money around the nation, he would be a strong candidate but Arlen Specter is very tough to beat in a general election cause he's had a bond with suburban Democrats, Philadelphia Democrats, and he does very well with independent and those moderate Republicans."