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December 18, 2008

Rahm staying out of race for his House seat

Doesn't look like Obama's incoming Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel -- who technically, is still serving in the House -- will be playing much of a role in determine his Congressional successor.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

The new White House chief of staff is reluctant to get involved in the 5th District race, which has attracted more than two dozen candidates.

On Wednesday, O'Connor acknowledged he had not yet lined up the support he needs to win the Democratic endorsement, in part because Emanuel is standing on the sidelines.

"The problem is, they're in the middle of a very serious situation and this is less important [by] comparison," O'Connor said, referring to the transition process.

Measuring his words carefully to avoid alienating Emanuel, the alderman said: "He could clear the field, but I'm not asking him to do that at this time."

After reviewing the transcripts of the Blagojevich tapes, O'Connor said he doesn't believe Emanuel will be tainted by the scandal.

"The only thing Congressman Emanuel has done was indicate that they had some preferences as to who they wanted [in] the seat, and that all they were willing to trade for that was their appreciation," O'Connor said.