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December 03, 2008

A Biden-Carney primary in 2010?

In picking Joe Biden's longtime adviser Ted Kaufman as a placeholder, Delaware governor Ruth Ann Minner helped ensure Attorney General Beau Biden will be the favorite for the Democratic nomination in 2010.  In the process, she snubbed the candidate in line for the appointment — outgoing Lt. Gov. John Carney. 

But now Carney says he's planning to run for federal office in 2010, suggesting that he may be willing to take on Beau Biden in a primary. He could also hope that GOP Rep. Michael Castle retires. Carney would have a tough time unseating Castle, though, if the veteran lawmaker ran for reelection.

From the Wilmington News-Journal:

Lt. Gov. John Carney has decided "beyond a doubt" that he's "running for a federal office in 2010," according to a source close to his campaign operation. He has a couple of private sector job offers that will allow him the freedom to attend campaign related activities for the next two years, according to another source close to Carney.

The question, of course, is which federal office. The obvious is Mike Castle's House seat. But what about a primary against Beau Biden for the Senate?