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November 24, 2008

McClintock declares victory

It’s looking likely that Republican Tom McClintock will defeat Democrat Charlie Brown in the closely-contested California House race to succeed retiring Rep. John Doolittle (R-Calif.)

McClintock’s team declared victory Friday night as absentee and provisional ballots in Republican-heavy Placer County grew his lead to 1,566 votes over Brown. There are only about 4,600 ballots left to be counted.

According to the California Secretary of State's website, McClintock now has 184,190 votes (50.3 percent) to Brown’s 182,624 votes (49.7 percent).

McClintock’s campaign put out a statement Friday night declaring that “victory was ensured” in the race.

“We are told to expect the final tallies from the counties still outstanding to be announced by early next week, and I expect to be making a formal statement then,” McClintock said. “For now, I think we can safely say that the fat lady is singing -- and she¹s singing our song.”

The Brown campaign, however, refused to concede until all the votes are counted – and held out hope that the remaining provisional ballots will break their way. But Brown would have to win about 70 percent of the outstanding vote to prevail.

“With provisional and first time voter ballots breaking our way by substantial margins in every corner of this district, our campaign remains committed to ensuring that every legal vote is counted, and believe that premature declarations of victory by our opponent are an attempt to disenfranchise thousands of 4th District residents who have faithfully and legally cast their ballot,” Brown said in a statement.