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October 14, 2008

Stockton Record Backs McNerney

All politics is local, and for remembering that, Democrat Jerry McNerney won an endorsement from an ordinarily reliably-conservative newspaper in his opponent's home town. The Stockton Record backed McNerney on Sunday, citing his attention to local detail in marked contrast with his predecessor, Republican Rep. Richard Pombo.

The Record extols McNerney's record as a moderate while calling GOP foe Dean Andal an "ideologue." Andal had been one of Republicans' early prize recruits, though he's turned in some disappointing fundraising numbers. He's also from Stockton, while McNerney is from nearby Pleasanton.

Perhaps more surprising than the Record's endorsement of McNerney is their tacit endorsement of his position on earmarks. A favorite topic of scorn and derision among editorial boards across the country, earmarks can help the district, McNerney said.