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October 17, 2008

NRSC Abandons Schaffer

Senate Republicans are making the tough decision to pull down ads in a second competitive race in a week as the party's financial disadvantage takes its toll.

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder reports this morning that the National Republican Senatorial Committee will pull out of Colorado by next week, leaving ex-Rep. Bob Schaffer to fend for himself against Democrat Mark Udall.

Earlier this week, Republicans pulled funding from advertisements in Louisiana, where party strategists held out hope of picking off Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu. In early September, the committee canceled ad time in New Mexico, surrendering Republican Pete Domenici's seat to Democrat Tom Udall.

The NRSC is still running advertisements in North Carolina, Minnesota, Mississippi, Oregon and New Hampshire. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is also up with ads, and the party has outspent Republicans in each targeted state.