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October 28, 2008

McInnis Goes Off

Former Rep. Scott McInnis is apparently not a fan of his one-time colleague, Republican Senate candidate Bob Schaffer. McInnis, who served six terms in Congress, briefly flirted with a run for Colorado's open Senate seat before opting out next year, has told Colorado media outlets he doesn't expect a very good year for his party, including Schaffer.

""I would have beat Udall, that wasn't the issue," McInnis told the Colorado Independent. "Frankly I have more difficulties with the right wing of my party then I do with taking on a Democrat. Udall was not the biggest threat I faced in the election. My biggest threat was getting through the primary."

McInnis predicted what the paper called a "bloodbath" for his fellow Republicans and pointed out that, after this year, the GOP will likely hold just one statewide office after GOP Secretary of State Mike Coffman wins a heavily Republican congressional district.

Had McInnis entered the primary, he would have set up the second straight contest between Colorado conservatives and moderate Republicans. In 2004, beer magnate Pete Coors beat Schaffer before losing to Democrat Ken Salazar in November.