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October 20, 2008

Is McClintock running on empty?

Conservative state senator Tom McClintock was one of the most prolific Republican fundraisers in the third quarter, raising nearly $1 million between July and September.

But according to his campaign finance reports, he heads into the home stretch without much campaign cash left. McClintock spent more money than he raised, ending September with just $94,000 in his campaign account.

He is not currently airing airing any television ads, and hasn’t been for the last two weeks.

McClintock spokesman Bill George declined to comment whether the campaign would be airing any further television ads, but said the campaign isn’t concerned about having enough money for the campaign's final two weeks.

“We still have a lot of money coming in at a good clip,” said George.

His Democratic opponent, Charlie Brown, ended September with over $457,000 in his campaign account after raising $539,000 in the third quarter. Brown is currently up with a television ad highlighting his own military service while attacking McClintock for voting "against soldiers in Iraq and death benefits for their widows."