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October 09, 2008

Brown Wants Challenger To Be "Real Southern Lady"

In their first debate this year, South Carolina Rep. Henry Brown pushed back on a negative advertisement his opponent is running by urging her to "be a real Southern lady." That's given his Democratic opponent, philanthropist Linda Ketner, a new way to raise some quick cash.

The shot at Ketner came at the end of a mostly civil debate, the first of two the candidates plan. The four-term Republican made the remark in his closing statement of the half hour-long debate on WPDE, the ABC affiliate covering Florence and Myrtle Beach.

Brown was responding to a Ketner spot accusing the congressman of allowing a fire burning on his property to escape to a neighboring national forest, for which Brown was fined $7,000 (see the ad here). "I wish you would be a real Southern lady and tell the truth," Brown said.

Ketner is already using Brown's line to raise money for her campaign. "Apparently, [Brown] thinks a Real Southern Lady is someone who doesn't speak up," says a Ketner fundraising appeal. "We think a Real Southern Lady is someone with the intelligence, gumption, and leadership to create change in Congress." Donors get a t-shirt declaring them "Real Southern Ladies for Ketner."