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September 02, 2008

Young Guns Hit The Bars

ST. PAUL, Minnesota -- Lift your drink at a bar in the Twin Cities and you may be staring at the latest effort to fundraiser for promising Republican challengers. No one has misplaced any top secret plans, though; it's a coaster meant to move GOP activists to a new website raising big bucks for top candidates.

Young Guns, a group founded to highlight top challenger candidates from twenty two districts around the country, is advertising in bars around Minneapolis and St. Paul in an effort to get Republican activists' attention. They are using coasters this week emblazoned with the organization's website, distributed in gin joints throughout the cities.

Organized by Republican Reps. Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy, the group provides fundraising and political advice to the candidates they target. Among the names on the list are some of the party's top recruits, including State Senator Steve Stivers in Ohio, former Congressional staffer Pete Olson in Texas and Bernalillo County Sheriff Darren White in New Mexico.

Along with the coasters -- a brilliant idea at an event largely dedicated to the bacchanalian excesses to which free alcohol inevitably leads -- the group is passing out beer cozies and oversized postcards with stars over the districts where Young Guns candidates are running. We're told the beverage mats were the brainchildren of Cantor and McCarthy.

young guns.jpg

McCarthy, tapped by House Minority Leader John Boehner to serve as chair of the Republican Platform Committee, also printed and passed out a credential-sized laminated card laying out the party's principles in three easy bullet points. Of course, McCarthy's name is right there, alongside his committee co-chair, North Carolina Senator Richard Burr.

It's not as cool as a coaster, but it's another way the California freshman is making his presence felt in St. Paul.