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September 10, 2008

Wicker hits Musgrove on ethics

Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) is up with his first ad attacking former Democratic governor Ronnie Musgrove’s ethical conduct during his tenure in office. 

The ad attacks him for a relationship with two executives at a beef processing plant who have been charged with making improper campaign contributions in hopes of gaining influence with the former governor.

As governor, Musgrove spent $55 million to construct the Mississippi beef plant, which soon ended up in financial trouble and closed down.

“Con men give $70,000 to Ronnie Musgrove’s campaign. What did Musgrove do? He asked for more money… and the con men get a fat state contact. Result: 55 million of our tax dollars wasted,” the ad says. “Ronnie Musgrove, we trusted him once. This time we know better.”

Musgrove has not been charged with any violations. His campaign manager Tim Phillips called Wicker’s advertisement “a new low” and argues that Musgrove has been “vindicated on the Beef Plant issue.”