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September 04, 2008

Paris Hilton pops up in campaign ad

John McCain isn’t the only politician using Paris Hilton in campaign advertisements.

Democrat Nick Leibham, an attorney running in California's 50th District, is airing his first ad likening  his Republican opponent, Rep. Brian Bilbray, with the hotel heiress. It ran during the Republican National Convention last night.

“What do Paris Hilton and Brian Bilbray have in common? Well, they both do nothing,” a narrator in the ad says.

Like McCain, Leibham is hoping to gain some free publicity with the advertisement. His campaign hasn’t gotten much attention so far, but this ad has already creating some buzz in the San Diego area.

Speaking of celebrities, former Vice President Al Gore will be holding a fundraiser for Leibham later this month. Wouldn’t be surprised if that was brought up in a future Bilbray ad.