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September 10, 2008

Palin Appears In Congress Ad

It's not news that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has excited the Republican base. But could she actually help down-ballot Republicans win Congressional elections?

State Rep. Jay Love hopes so. The Alabama Republican, running to replace retiring Rep. Terry Everett, is the first Congressional candidate to mention Palin in a new advertisement running in the Montgomery-based Second District:

Love, engaged in a tight battle with Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright, is following the GOP playbook in trying to tie his opponent to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He contrasts his support for "pro-lifers" John McCain and Palin with Bright, who appears next to a photo of Barack Obama.

Both National Republican Congressional Committee chair Tom Cole and his Senate counterpart John Ensign, said they have received countless requests from candidates for a Palin visit to their districts. Love, we suspect, is just the beginning of a trend of Republicans running as close to the vice presidential nominee as possible.