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September 09, 2008

NRSC begins advertising blitz

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has begun its post-Labor Day advertising blitz, spending over $1.7 million to attack Democratic candidates in five key battleground states.

In Colorado, its ad attacks Mark Udall as “shifty as Middle Eastern sand” for supporting offshore drilling as part of a comprehensive energy plan after he previously opposed similar proposals.

In Minnesota, the committee’s advertisement blasts Al Franken for saying he opposed the Medicare prescription drug benefit that was signed into law by President Bush. “Angry, partisan, he’d hurt those most in need,” the ad concludes.

The committee goes after Mississippi governor Ronnie Musgrove over his relationship with two executives at a beef processing plant that are charged with giving him illegal campaign contributions.

And in Oregon, its ad mocks Jeff Merkley for being “more interested in lunch” than on the conflict between Russia and Georgia – showing footage of him confused by a reporter’s question while he munches on a hot dog.

The committee also is up with a new ad in North Carolina attacking Kay Hagan’s economic voting record in the state legislature. And it has already been up with two ads in New Hampshire hitting former governor Jeanne Shaheen over her record on taxes and spending.

Notably, the committee is not currently advertising against Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.), the lone Democrat with a tough re-election bid – against  GOP state Treasurer John Kennedy.