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September 08, 2008

North Carolina on Democrats' minds

North Carolina has emerged as one of the Democrats’ major Senate battlegrounds, and the party’s Senate campaign committee has been unleashing a series of ads scrutinizing GOP Sen. Elizabeth Dole’s effectiveness.

The committee’s fourth ad in North Carolina blasts Dole for voting “for billions in tax breaks for Big Oil” and accuses her of opposing measures that would increase alternative energy sources.

“On gas prices, she’s part of the problem,” the ad says.

Dole’s opponent, state senator Kay Hagan, is emerging as one of the strongest Democratic challengers. A newly-conducted poll, conducted by the leading Democratic firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner, shows Hagan leading Dole by a five-point margin.

The Democratic ad comes after the Dole campaign attacked Hagan as being a serial liar. The Dole campaign's latest ad refers to Hagan as “fibber Kay” and it features a barking dog trying to jump over a fence.

It also refers to Dole as one of the "ten most admired women in the world."

“Fib after fib. She tries to turn us against Elizabeth Dole,” the ad says. “So bark away Fibber Kay. That dog don’t hunt.”