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September 18, 2008

Kosmas Flying High On Space Coast

A new poll conducted for former State Rep. Suzanne Kosmas shows the Democrat trailing Republican Rep. Tom Feeney by a single point, giving Sunshine State Republicans yet another district to fret over.

The poll, conducted for Kosmas' campaign by Hamilton Campaigns, surveyed 400 registered voters between 9/11-14 for a margin of error of +/- 4.9%. Feeney, Kosmas and independent candidate Garv Bhola were tested.

General Election Matchup
Feeney.........43 (-8 from last, 5/08)
Kosmas.........42 (+5)
Bhola...........1 (no trend)

Kosmas has succeeded in pulling down Feeney's job performance ratings in recent months. 37% of voters say they have a positive opinion of the incumbent's job, while 38% view it negatively. That's down from the 43% who said Feeney was doing an excellent or good job in Kosmas' survey in May.

Feeney scored 58% of the vote against a woefully underfunded opponent in 2006, and his district, based in the Orlando metro area and extending to the space center at Cape Canaveral, is growing rapidly, according to Census figures.

It's not the only seat in the area in jeopardy. Rep. Ric Keller, whose district borders Feeney's in and around Orlando, is also facing a tough race this year. The area could prove a target-rich environment for Democrats come November.