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September 01, 2008

Kirk wants Palin to downplay social issues

Illinois Republican Mark Kirk’s constituents wouldn’t necessarily fit the target demographic that John McCain was trying to reach in picking Sarah Palin as his running mate.

Representing an affluent, suburban Chicago district, his constituents are socially moderate and not in tune with the NRA and mooseburger parts of her biography. But he thinks that if she highlights her stands against wasteful spending and anti-corruption record in her convention speech, it would play well in his home district.

Here’s Kirk’s full take:

There’s going to be a fight over her definition. Her initial introduction was as a young, good-looking female governor — and that created a positive impression. And the second impression is she killed the bridge to nowhere, and that was huge. ... That was my battle.

Some of her social issues, though, they won’t be in favor of. It will be a huge job for her what to say. But if she goes out and says, "I threw out of office another corrupt, old bull Republican," my voters will think anti-George Ryan; they’ll like it. "Then I killed the bridge to nowhere," then they’ll hear fiscal conservative. "Then I wiped out the executive jet"; they’ll hear ego-free. On the other hand, if we emphasize the social issues, they won’t be there.