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September 11, 2008

Independent insists he can beat Cazayoux

Michael Jackson, the Democratic African-American state legislator running as a third-party candidate against Rep. Don Cazayoux (D-La.), insists he’s not a spoiler candidate in his latest campaign update:

Our opponents are suggesting that we are the spoiler in the race; however, we would like to share the facts. The November 4th election provides the only opportunity to cast your vote for Congress in the 6th Congressional District. Winning the race requires a plurality of the votes cast. A plurality requires that the winner only receive 1 more vote than his opponents. This is different from most other elections which require a majority of the vote (50% + 1) in order to win.

Here are the 6th Congressional Districts Demographics:
African Americans = 34.9%
Republicans = 33%
White Democrats = 32%

In the Democratic run-off for Congress in April, Michael Jackson received 90% of the African-American votes and between 10%-20% of support from white voters. If we maintain these percentages it will be more than enough to win this election. 40% WINS IT! Therefore, every vote counts.

Michael Jackson is not the spoiler, he is the only candidate who has a real chance of beating the Republican in November.

Jackson is calculating that he will win the votes of the vast majority of African-Americans in the Baton Rouge-area district — a highly unlikely proposition, given that Cazayoux is the Democratic incumbent. The more likely prospect is that he will take away enough African-American votes from Cazayoux to tip the race to Republican Bill Cassidy.

And if he was serious about winning the race, Jackson would be amping up his fundraising efforts. He only raised $15,200 in the last filing period (from July 1-Aug.17) — and his campaign coffers are virtually empty. By contrast, Cassidy has over $300,000 in campaign cash, while Cazayoux has banked $212,000.