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September 09, 2008

Hutchison for governor of Texas?

The senior senator from Texas wasn't chosen as John McCain's running mate, but she sure sounds like she has Austin ambitions.

From the Hill:

Kay Bailey Hutchison is increasingly looking like a candidate for Texas governor in 2010 as she strongly considers leaving the Senate early to pursue the bid.

The Republican senator has long harbored ambitions to be the chief executive of her home state, and some people close to her say such a candidacy is a near certainty.

Hutchison seemed willing to concede that as a possibility in an interview at the Republican National Convention. There’s a “good chance” she would resign her Senate seat early to pursue the bid, she said, but then backed away from that statement. “I haven’t made that decision. … I won’t say good chance. There is certainly a chance.”

But she has taken actions that suggest the chances are good that she will leave before her term ends in 2013.