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September 18, 2008

Freedom's Watch hitting Bright in Alabama

Freedom’s Watch has set its sights on a closely-contested House race in Alabama, where it’s launching an ad accusing Montgomery mayor Bobby Bright (D) of raising taxes as mayor.

“As mayor of Montgomery, liberal Bobby Bright fought to raise sales taxes to 9 percent. One of the highest sales taxes in the country. Higher than New York. Higher than Boston. Even higher than San Francisco,” the ad says. “Tell Bobby Bright to stop being liberal with our money.”

It’s the third House race the conservative group has spent money in, after airing ads against Reps. Nick Lampson (D-Texas) and Nancy Boyda (D-Kansas) in August.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokeswoman Kyra Jennings said that the ad is fiction, and that Bright had never increased taxes as mayor. She added that Bright's Republican opponent, state Rep. Jay Love, voted for several tax increases in the state legislature.

“Jay Love is the only candidate in the race that has voted to raise taxes,” Jennings said. “This is an obvious bad attempt to distract from the fact that the only tax raiser in the race is Jay Love.”

Bright is running against Love in the race to succeed retiring Rep. Terry Everett (R-Ala.). The seat has been reliably Republican, but Democrats believe that Bright is the type of Democrat that can win the district, given his socially-conservative profile and popularity as Montgomery mayor.

Indeed, Freedom’s Watch’s message wasn’t embraced by the pro-business organization BIPAC, which endorsed Bright today – a departure from their traditional support of Republican Congressional candidates.

"Fiscal discipline and economic development are two key components to prosperity, and they are a part of the foundation that made Bobby Bright a successful mayor," BIPAC President Greg Casey said in a statement.