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September 12, 2008

Franken's foul mouth

As my colleague Glenn Thrush points out over on the Crypt, Sen. Norm Coleman's latest ad is "a bar of soap aimed right at Al Franken and his filthy, filthy mouth."

The intro features a wan, deeply concerned Coleman bracing his fellow Minnesotans for 30 seconds of bleeped-out Franken rants, freak-outs and snide, off-color asides:

"I approve of this message (pause) because I thought it was important for you to see it."

Coleman's aim: to portray Franken, a comedian and writer, as an angry, ill-tempered outsider who is fundamentally un-Minnesotan.

The hard-edged approach comes after a bevy of news articles highlighting Coleman's relationship with a GOP operative who rents the senator a room and toilet for $600 a month.