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September 17, 2008

Franken personally responds to hard-hitting Coleman ad

Al Franken has a response to Norm Coleman’s ad portraying him as an angry, foul-mouthed comedian: He’s passionate about the issues.

“I’m sure you’ve seen Norm Coleman’s ads showing old clips of me in some pretty, well, passionate moments. Look, I’m not a politician and I guess I get outraged. And sometimes I’ve gone too far,” Franken says in the ad.

“But my question is: with the price of gas and groceries and health care crushing Minnesota families, and Washington too busy taking care of the special interests to help -- why isn't Norm Coleman outraged?”

UPDATE:  Coleman issued the following response to Franken's ad:

“Standing up and fighting for Minnesotans isn't a contest to see who can lose their self-control as evidence of their passion to serve," Coleman said in a statement. 

"Sometimes we disagree passionately with one another, but we don't taunt, we don't point fingers, we don't scream and we don't lose control. There is virtue in passion, but, there's also the need to be able to control yourself and to serve the people of Minnesota with dignity and respect.”