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September 18, 2008

Energy attacks turn personal in North Carolina

Make sure to check out my colleague Glenn Thrush's piece in today's Politico on how the battle over energy policy in North Carolina's Senate race between Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-N.C.) and state senator Kay Hagan  has turned personal.

Democrats fired the opening salvo, running ads over the summer criticizing Dole’s energy votes and accusing her of “raising $1.3 million in contributions from Big Oil while giving them $2.6 billion in tax breaks.”

Said one Democratic operative: “It was really kind of boilerplate, ... the stuff we have been doing everywhere. What changed the game was Dole’s reaction.”

Dole’s campaign — also following the national playbook — decried the ad as a distortion and hit Hagan on the drilling issue.

But the Dole campaign also dug up an embarrassing tidbit from Hagan’s personal financial disclosure forms: Hagan’s husband, Chip, is in a partnership with stakes in a handful of oil and gas wells in Kansas, Indiana, West Virginia and Ohio. In addition, the forms show her husband owns between $11,000 and $150,999.99 in oil stocks.