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September 18, 2008

Don Young wins primary, Parnell concedes

Per the Anchorage Daily News:

U.S. Rep. Don Young has won the Republican primary battle over the state's only seat in the House, Alaska election officials said.

In a close race only decided Wednesday with the final counting of about 350 outstanding absentee and questioned ballots, Young beat Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell by 304 votes.

The only question left for Sean Parnell is whether he'll ask for a recount.  But since Sarah Palin was tapped as John McCain's running mate, Parnell he may be setting his sights to the Alaska statehouse.  If McCain wins the presidential race, Parnell would succeed Palin as governor of Alaska.

UPDATE:  Let the general election begin.  Sean Parnell said he would not be seeking a recount, setting up the general election matchup between Young and former Democratic state Rep. Ethan Berkowitz.

“If I thought there was anything wrong, inappropriate or unprofessional about the way this election tally was conducted, I would not only call for a recount, I would demand one. But that is not the case here,” Parnell said in a statement.  “While a recount could change the outcome of this exceedingly close election -- normal human error being what it is -- such a result is unlikely. As such, I do not believe it justifies an expenditure of taxpayer funds.”