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September 12, 2008

Collins Keeps Big Lead

The landscape for the GOP may be bad, but not every Republican in a blue state is in trouble. A new poll conducted for the lefty blog DailyKos shows Maine Senator Susan Collins remains in good position to keep her job for another six years.

The poll, conducted by the independent group Research 2000, surveyed 600 likely voters between 9/8-10 for a margin of error of +/- 4%. Collins and Democratic Rep. Tom Allen were tested among a sample that included 33% Democrats, 27% Republicans and 40% independents.

General Election Matchup
(All / Dem / GOP / Ind / Men / Wom)
Collins.....57 / 38 / 78 / 59 / 59 / 55
Allen.......38 / 59 / 16 / 36 / 37 / 39

Obama.......52 / 83 / 14 / 53 / 48 / 56
McCain......38 / 9 / 78 / 36 / 43 / 33

Both Senate candidates are popular, with Collins hugely so. 65% have a favorable opinion of Collins, while 58% say they view Allen positively (Just 29% see Collins unfavorably and 35% see Allen the same way).

Allen represents half the state, and he had a long record before joining Congress as mayor of Portland, Maine's largest city. He's on television with positive spots, too. Despite those efforts, Allen, the best recruit, aside from Governor John Baldacci, that Democrats could have hoped for, has failed to make up any serious ground.

Collins, like her fellow Mainer Olympia Snowe, is frequently rated among the most popular senators by her constituents. Democrats will have to bring down those favorable ratings over the next month and a half, so if the party is serious about the race, look for a big number of negative ads to drop sooner rather than later. If Democrats remain off the air, that action will speak loudly as well.