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September 09, 2008

An EMILY's List miss?

This hasn’t been the greatest election cycle for EMILY’s List, the feminist organization that backs female Democratic candidates who support abortion rights.

The group expended much of its resources to back Hillary Clinton’s unsuccessful presidential campaign. It recently took a serious publicity hit after endorsing Nikki Tinker, the African-American primary challenger to Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.), in a racially-charged race that Tinker lost by a 60 point margin.

And their only endorsed candidate in tonight'sNew York Congressional primary, attorney Tracey Brooks, finished a distant second in her bid to succeed retiring Rep. Mike McNulty (D-N.Y.)

But the group stayed out of another competitive, closely-watched Empire State primary involving an abortion-rights supporting female Democrat running against two male opponents. That woman, attorney Alice Kryzan, prevailed without the EMILY’s List endorsement.

Presumably EMILY’s List will jump on Kryzan’s bandwagon now that she’s the Democratic nominee, and she certainly could use the money against a well-funded Republican challenger. But it’s surprising that the group missed out on supporting a worthy candidate for an open seat – especially after it was willing to risk challenging a pro-choice male Democratic congressman simply to elect another woman to Congress.