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September 04, 2008

Alaska push poll ties Palin to Stevens

Alaska voters have been receiving  misleading push polls informing them that Gov. Sarah Palin has endorsed indicted GOP Sen. Ted Stevens’ reelection bid — an inaccurate statement

Palin has not endorsed Stevens, though she also has not asked him to resign. She has called on Stevens to give a fuller accounting of his relationship with the oil services giant Veco and has said his indictment “rocked the foundations” of Alaska. 

The anonymous push poll also asks voters about possible replacements to Stevens on the Senate ballot. The state party has until Sept. 17 to replace Stevens on the ballot, though Stevens has shown no indication of stepping down.

Stevens handily won the Republican primary last week but faces a tougher challenge from his Democratic opponent, Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich. Begich has been leading Stevens in public polling since July, when the Justice Department charged Stevens with providing false information on his financial disclosure forms.