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August 14, 2008

'Without Ted, we're toast'

Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), running for reelection under indictment on corruption charges, is airing his first television ads throughout the state.

The three ads feature a series of testimonials from Alaska voters voicing their support for the six-term senator.

“We cannot afford to be without his presence in the Senate,” one voter says.

“I wouldn’t change out my senator for a bet on anything,” says another.

“Without Ted, we’re toast,” another woman says as the ad concludes.

The ads are playing to Stevens’ strengths — his seniority and ability to bring home federal funding. And because of his iconic stature in Alaska politics (the Anchorage airport is named after him), he still has a decent chance of winning the GOP primary against two lesser-known, self-funded opponents.

But if he wins the nomination, he will have a tougher task advancing those arguments against Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich, a Democrat who has made ethics reform the centerpiece of his campaign.