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August 18, 2008

Why Fix What Ain't Broke?

A narrator intones the dangers of a porous U.S.-Mexico border as a futuristic camera zooms in on a scene of presumably undocumented aliens making a run for it, before flashing to the Capitol and accusations that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats are only offering amnesty.

It was an effective ad for businessman Mike Erickson, who ran it during his primary against Republican activist and former State Senator Kevin Mannix in Oregon. It could also be an effective ad for State Senator Jay Love, running for a Republican-held open seat in Alabama.

Both candidates use Dawson McCarthy McElwain, a Washington-based Republican media firm, for their advertisements. The firm, known as Dawson McCarthy Nelson during the 2006 cycle (That would have been before Nelson, first name Terry, left to briefly head up John McCain's presidential campaign), used some of the same images and what sounds like the same voiceover for both ads.

Here's Erickson's ad, which his campaign says they used first:

And here's Love's ad:

There's nothing wrong with re-using an ad's concept, but maybe some different stock footage and a voice that didn't sound like Optimus Prime from Transformers might have been in order. Then again, Erickson won his primary, and if it worked for him in Oregon, the ad could work for Love in Alabama. Why fix what ain't broke?