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August 19, 2008

When in a hole, stop digging

Oregon GOP Congressional candidate Mike Erickson doesn’t seem to be doing himself any favors in defending his 2004 “humanitarian” trip to Cuba where the itinerary featured drinking, a cigar factory tour, and cock fighting.

His latest response? His trip was “one-third” humanitarian, and the other two-thirds of his time were spent doing man-on-the-street interviews.

The latest, from the Oregonian:

Erickson maintained on Monday that he brought 20 boxes of medical supplies and delivered them to clinics over two days. He estimated he spent about "one-third" of his time in Cuba doing that.

The other two-thirds, he said, included casual conversations with regular Cubans, whether at a restaurant or on the streets.

"Every time I was at dinner, I would talk to the waiters and waitresses and say, 'Hey, you're young. What do you want to do in life?" he said.

"The other two-thirds wasn't just leisure, or just whatever it was. I was constantly always asking, 'Hey, what's going on in your country here?"

And then there's this gem, where Erickson pulls a Michael Jordan, and refers to himself in the third person.

"Maybe some people may have gone there for a different purpose, but not me. Mike Erickson went there truly to see and feel what the people in Cuba were going through," Erickson said.