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August 13, 2008

Warner To Keynote Convention

Former Virginia Governor Mark Warner will headline Tuesday evening at the Democratic National Convention as the keynote speaker, Barack Obama's campaign announced this morning. The one-term governor and Senate candidate will address assembled Democrats on a night dedicated to "renewing America's promise."

Public and private polls have showed Warner, running for retiring Republican John Warner's seat, besting former Governor Jim Gilmore by a wide margin. The Democrat also had a cash-on-hand advantage of around forty to one, which combined with good poll numbers makes him his party's best chance to take over a Senate seat.

Warner, who initially considered a presidential run this year, dropped his bid before the campaign really got going. Still, tapping the Virginian as the keynoter could be a sign that he's got a future; Obama himself keynoted the 2004 convention, and then-Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton had a prominent speaking role in 1988, four years before he ran for office.