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August 13, 2008

Tinsley: Dem Opponent Will "Cut Your Throat"

The Republican candidate looking to replace Rep. Steve Pearce asked a debate audience this week how he could tell his two nephews, who serve in the military, that he is running against a candidate who would "cut your throat." The statement was met by boos and some in the audience saying, "Shame."

Ed Tinsley, a businessman and attorney, made the remarks about his opponent, former Lea County Commissioner Harry Teague, in a debate sponsored by the Association of Commerce and Industry.

"How can I call my two nephews over there right now, one's a First Lieutenant in the Marine Corps in Anbar Province, another one in the Persian Gulf, and tell them I'm running against a guy that will cut your throat, that will cut the bottom out of your funding," Tinsley said during the debate, which can be seen on a YouTube video being passed around by the New Mexico Democratic Party.

Tinsley and Teague won contested primaries for the most Republican of New Mexico's three districts. National Democrats have already reserved ad time on Teague's behalf.