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August 11, 2008

The mystery Louisiana ad buy

Last Friday, John Kennedy’s Senate campaign in Louisiana accused Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) of directing the DSCC to reserve ad time on her behalf this week for attacks against Kennedy.

It used news of the pending ad buy to accuse Landrieu of directing “her vast army of Washington lobbyists and partisan special interests to fund the most negative campaign in Louisiana’s history.”

Only problem is, the Democratic campaign committee swears that it hasn’t bought or reserved any ad time – and even said it will support Kennedy if his campaign can offer any proof of the buy.

“If John Kennedy can produce a television station that received this mythical ad buy, we’ll promise to endorse his next candidacy for Senate, which with his track record of flip-flopping will probably be as a liberal Democrat again,” said DSCC spokesman Matt Miller.

Kennedy campaign spokesman Lenny Alcivar wouldn’t guarantee that the ads would be airing this week – as the statement said – but insists that the DSCC cancelled the reservation as a result of the campaign's critical release.

“I’m confident that the DSCC is now saying they’re not launching negative ads on behalf of John Kennedy, it’s because Louisianans found out,” Alcivar said.