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August 13, 2008

SEIU Up With $1.1M In Ads

The Service Employees International Union launched a sizable $1.1 million television blitz against two Republican Senators today, firing the first salvo of what is expected to be an expensive ad war conducted by the union.

An advertisement running in New Hampshire, behind $600,000 worth of air time, criticizes Senator John Sununu for taking $200,000 from drug companies and for voting against bills the union says would have lowered drug prices. The ad is running statewide on both cable and broadcast:

A separate ad running against Oregon Senator Gordon Smith seeks to tie the moderate Republican to President Bush over votes on prescription drug pricing and the oil industry. SEIU is paying $500,000 for the Oregon ad, which implores voters to "send Gordon Smith home." The ad is also on a mix of cable and broadcast networks:

$1.1 million in early spending is a lot of money, especially when Smith's and Sununu's Democratic challengers aren't anywhere near that level of advertising. But it's a drop in the bucket for one of the largest independent groups that will involve itself in the 2008 elections; the union has budgeted $85 million for election efforts this year.