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August 28, 2008

Seals making the Obama connection

Illinois Congressional candidate Dan Seals is using the historic moment of Barack Obama’s convention speech tonight to promote his own candidacy against Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.).

In the ad, Seals ties his candidacy with Obama’s, attempting to capitalize on Obama's home state popularity. Seals will be airing the ad on Chicago-area television during the convention tonight just before Obama accepts the Democratic nomination.

“I'm Dan Seals. Our family is excited to share with you tonight's historic moment of change. It's why I'm running for Congress,” Seals says in the ad, sitting next to his wife and two daughters.

“Mark Kirk accuses me of supporting the Obama agenda. Well, you bet I do.”

The ad  is being aired on expensive Chicago broadcast television in addition to the cable news networks.

Seals is one of the leading Democratic recruits after he came within six points of defeating Kirk in 2006. The suburban Chicago district is only one of only eight GOP-held districts that John Kerry carried in his 2004 presidential campaign.