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August 05, 2008

Rerun Challengers Launch New Ads

Two candidates who almost made it to Congress in 2006 are up with their first television advertisements of the 2008 cycle. The tones taken by former Microsoft employee Darcy Burner in Washington state and teacher Larry Kissell in North Carolina, though, could hardly be a bigger contrast.

Burner, who lost her 2006 race to Rep. Dave Reichert by just over 7,000 votes in the state's Eighth District, is up with a largely positive spot her campaign says will help introduce her to residents who did not vote two years ago:

Kissell lost his race by just over 300 votes to Rep. Robin Hayes in North Carolina's Eighth District, and his first ad takes on his rival for rising gas prices and missing jobs:

One big difference between the two districts: John McCain is likely to win Hayes' North Carolina seat, which helps the Republican incumbent, while Democrats Al Gore and John Kerry both won Reichert's district by narrow margins. If Burner can take advantage of what is expected to be boosted Democratic turnout, she can make up ground on Reichert, while Kissell needs to focus more on taking McCain votes away from Hayes.