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August 14, 2008

Palin Backing Parnell In Ad

Alaska Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell won a high-profile backer in Governor Sarah Palin in a new advertisement the Republican is running just days before his state's primary. In the ad, Palin calls Parnell "honest, conservative and smart" and says she is proud to support him in his bid against longtime Rep. Don Young:

As a new generation of Republicans slowly take over state parties and Congressional delegations around the country, Palin and Parnell are perhaps the most public examples of what can turn into bloody internal conflicts. While other revolts have been quietly conducted, Palin knocked off her own party's governor two years ago and has called for the state GOP chairman to step down.

Young and Senator Ted Stevens have served in Washington for a combined 75 years, and both are institutions in Alaska. Most public polls have showed Parnell with a slim lead, though a recent public poll had Young ahead of his rival by eight points.

Parnell's new ad comes on the heels of a major investment on his behalf from the Club for Growth, which earlier this week dropped $350,000 for a spot hitting Young for a controversial earmark he secured that benefited a Florida donor.

Club for Growth previously went up with a $100,000 ad buy hitting Young, but $350,000 is a massive purchase in a state with relatively inexpensive air time. A point of television time costs $36 in Anchorage, $18 in Fairbanks and $20 in Juneau, meaning the group can buy a total of 4,729 points if evenly distributed across all markets for the twelve days remaining in the primary. That's well over saturation levels.