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August 15, 2008

Mississippi Senate race gets negative

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is hitting Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) for being beholden to big oil companies in its latest ad, striking a populist note in the solidly Republican Magnolia State.

“Roger Wicker voted against controlling Wall Street speculators who are making fortunes from the pain of Mississippi families,” the ad says. “While oil companies make record profits, Roger Wicker votes to give them twenty-eight billion dollars in tax breaks.”

Wicker is facing Democratic former governor Ronnie Musgrove in the November special election. Polling has shown this race highly competitive even though Mississippi has been a reliably Republican state.

Republicans, meanwhile, have been highlighting Musgrove’s connection to two campaign donors who pled guilty this week to conspiring to influence the former governor during his unsuccessful 2003 re-election campaign.

Wicker’s latest ad accuses Musgrove of presiding over “record job losses” as governor and receiving “donations from convicted felons.”

“Why go back to the Musgrove failures?” the ad asks.