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August 27, 2008

McAuliffe for Virginia governor?

Could Terry McAuliffe be thinking about a political career of his own?

The big-time Clinton fundraiser raised eyebrows this morning when he told the Washington Post that he was considering running for governor of Virginia in 2009.

From the Washington Post:

Rumors that McAuliffe is interested in being governor of Virginia have been percolating around the convention all week. In an interview with reporters after his speech, McAuliffe did little to dampen speculation that he was considering entering next year's race for the Democratic nomination.

"I'm focused on this election, I am going full time for Senator Obama," said McAuliffe, who lives in McLean.
"But I never rule anything out. ...Everyday is a new opportunity. I would like to be Pope if I could."

During his speech to the delegation, McAuliffe noted he diverted $5 million when he was national party chairman to Gov. Timothy M. Kaine 's (D) 2005 race for governor. The infusion of party money is widely believed to have helped Kaine defeat former attorney general Jerry W. Kilgore (R).