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August 21, 2008

Mark Udall continues to tout domestic drilling

Colorado Senate candidate Mark Udall is up with a new ad that again highlights his support for additional domestic drilling as part of a comprehensive energy plan.

“Gas prices, food prices, heating our's all about energy, and we need to attack this crisis with everything we've got,” Udall says in the ad. “Responsible drilling here in America, fast-tracking energy alternatives that create Colorado jobs, and cracking down on Wall Street speculators who drive up the price of gas.”

The ad comes as Udall, one of the leading environmentalists in Congress, has embraced additional domestic drilling and offshore oil drilling -- a marked shift to his past opposition to such measures in Congress.

Udall and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee have continued to attack his GOP opponent, former Rep. Bob Schaffer, as beholden to big oil companies and being singularly focused on drilling.