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August 12, 2008

Lamborn appears headed to victory

It won’t be a late night for Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.), who appears headed to a comfortable victory against two GOP rivals.

Businessman Jeff Crank has already conceded to the congressman, according to the Denver Post, after early balloting showed him trailing by a significant margin.

With over 34,000 votes counted, Lamborn leads Crank 46 to 29 percent of the vote, with retired military officer Bentley Rayburn in third with 25 percent.

The early results suggest that Lamborn would have been at serious risk of losing his seat if he faced only one challenger. But with two candidates splitting the anti-Lamborn vote, he appears like he will prevail with at least a plurality.

Lamborn struggled with his outreach towards the Colorado Springs business community and has been viewed as more attuned to the social issues that animate the district’s base of conservative, evangelical Christians. The district is home to Focus on the Family and several other leading evangelical organizations.

Lamborn also drew unwanted publicity early in his term after leaving threatening voice mails with a constituent who had written to the local newspaper accusing him of accepting money from the gambling industry.

Crank hoped to capitalize on latent anti-Lamborn sentiment. A former Chamber of Commerce official, he narrowly lost to Lamborn in the 2006 GOP primary.