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August 12, 2008

Kuhl's first ad attacks Dems on drilling

Rep. Randy Kuhl (R-N.Y.) is up with his first advertisement blasting House Democrats for adjourning without passing energy legislation — one of the first television ads accusing Democrats of blocking plans to provide relief at the pump.

“Gas prices are hurting us all. But when Congress had a chance to vote to lower prices the Democrats in charge went on vacation,” the ad says. “Only Randy Kuhl will push to drill now.”

Kuhl then says: "There are a lot of games being played here with the Democratic majority. They refuse to actually drill here, drill now and pay less for gasoline. At this point they’re standing in the way.”

The advertisement comes one day after his Democratic opponent, Eric Massa, also called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to convene a special session to deal with high energy prices.