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August 22, 2008

Kirk forced to take down campaign ad

Illinois Republican Rep. Mark Kirk’s campaign has taken down its latest ad attacking Democratic challenger Dan Seals after it used news footage without copyright permission from the Chicago NBC affiliate.

NBC’s legal department asked Kirk’s campaign to take down the ad soon after it began airing in the district.

The ad attacked Seals for holding a campaign event where the Democratic candidate partially subsidized the price of gas. It used a video clip from Chicago’s NBC affiliate, WMAQ, where the anchor said “a campaign stunt is costing congressional candidate Dan Seals more than he expected.”

“As a general policy, we don’t want political campaigns using our footage in ... ads, especially in the ones criticizing an opponent,” said NBC Universal media counsel Steve Chung.

UPDATE: Kirk's campaign is now up with a similar version of the ad, but without the NBC footage.

"NBC asked that we not use footage of an anchor saying that Dan Seals' gas-for-votes stunt cost him more than he expected," said Kirk spokesman Eric Elk. "We want to honor that good faith request and have removed that clip from the ad."